Enamoured: beauty exhibition

Beauty lovers will love this exhibition opening tomorrow charting the story of Revlon over the last  eighty years curated by Ryan Lanji. 
The London Film Museum
Covent Garden
45 Wellington Street
London WC2E 7BN
 30th November – 2nd December 2012.


Hot lips

Give a nod to the season’s pop art trend with this cute DVF clutch.

Diane von Furstenberg Rooster Red Lizard Lips Clutch, £184, My Wardrobe.


The 5 best and 5 worst ‘James Bond’ movies

Funk's House of Geekery

So we’ve reviewed every Bond film in the series, and obsessively compulsively put together a series of Case Files detailing the specifics of each film. But the real question (especially if you don’t want to read 22 reviews) is which Bond movies are the best. Since we’re dealing with a series consisting of 22 films the standard ‘Top 10’ would prove uninformative, so we have the Top 5 and Bottom 5!

The Five Worst 007 Movies

#5 Octopussy


Whilst not completely terrible it is a movie that drops the ball more often than not. Following on from the grounded and realistic For Your Eyes Only – made in order to bring things back from the brink of silliness after Moonraker – it seems odd that they’d be so quick to go back to the silliness, especially as it was by the same director. Opening the movie with a dying clown…

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Set to calm and energise

This gorgeous set contains nine delicious smelling soaps wrapped in different Lola Rose prints made to either calm or energise.

The Calming Amethyst soaps contain mandarin, jasmine blossom and white magnolia.

The Energising Rock Crystal soaps contains white tea, citrus grapefruit and Litsea.

Guest Soap Chronicles, £16, Lola Rose.