James Bond escorts Queen to the Olympics

James Bond escorts the Queen to the Olympics Opening Ceremony.  And David Beckham was in on the act too.  One of the coolest nights we’ve seen.


Charming Bohemian retreat in Chelsea

In muso circles, the Troubadour is a legend: Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell played here in the cool ’60s art scene that still lives on today.

In a cramped Dickensian-feel space full of copper utensils and vintage advertising boards, locals lay into all-day breakfasts and plates of pie and mash, drinking pints of house beer, glasses of Shiraz and mugs of tea.  Orlando Bloom eats here when he’s in town.

Down in the cellar, bands and poets still take to the stage.  MIC’s Caggie played here recently.   But it’s the ambience, not the performances, I go for.   Best for Sunday brunch with the girls or a relaxed first date.

The Troubadour Restaurant, 265 Old Brompton Road, Earls Court, London, SW5 9JA.

Easy liquid eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner gives you the drama and precision of liquid liner but its glide-on formulation means it gives the perfect line with no jagged edges but is super easy to apply.

It comes in a cute pot and works best with the Bobbi Brown eyeliner.  For a polished every day look keep it thin and close to the lashline.  For a more glamorous cat eye go thicker with an upward flick at the end.  There are loads of different colours to choose from but I stick with classic black.

Long Wear Gel Eyeliner £17;  Ultra fine eyeliner brush £22 by Bobbi Brown at Selfridges.

It’s a wrap for your hair

I was so happy when I spotted this ponytail wrap by Babyliss during a recent shopping trip to Boots.  It makes a boring ponytail glamorous and sleek in an instant.  I have been searching for one for over a year since VB and other celebrities went crazy wrapping.  Up until now all I had found was the Tonytail, which is only available in the US and once you consider delivery charges works out super expensive for what it is anyway.

With wraps you don’t have to faff about pinning your own hair around the base.  And, unlike the Tonytail, this Babyliss wrap is magnetised so there is no risk of ruining your do as you fix it in place.

It is made from fake hair but looks quite natural.  Available in three shades (blonde, light brunette and dark brown).

£4.99 from Boots.

Purity Colour Therapy Shampoo, like conditioning hair twice

The sulphate free formula of this shampoo from Andrew Collinge helps replenish nutrients lost during colouring.  Blended with Quinoa protein, Blue Lotus Root and Perilla Seed Oil, it’s so rich it’s like conditioning your hair twice.

Containing UV screens to help protect your hair from the sun and aromatherapy essences of linden blossom, jasmine and apple make it smell gorgeous too.  There is also a conditioner.  I’m going to try that next.

£4.99 from Superdrug.

Meet Karl Lagerfeld’s beauty muse

Karl Lagerfeld has developed a super cute beauty collection for Shu Uemura.  The face of the line also of the same name, Mon Shu, is a cartoon doll created by Karl.

Sporting a jet-black bob, Karl’s signature high white collar and black tie, Mon Shu’s name is a play on the French term of endearment “mon chou”.  They have created a video to show how Karl created her, drawing her using Shu Uemura eyeshadows just as he does for his designs for Chanel.

The collection includes a dark purple gel eyeliner, two pairs of false eyelashes – one which is made of red and black fabric – lip shades and nail polishes which come with a strip of nail stickers featuring Mon Shu, so you can make like a Euro-style Harajuku girl with your make-up.

Available at Shu Uemura from October.

It’s not what you eat, it’s why you eat it

Bach Bud, Emotional Kit contains three flower essences to help with comfort eating.

Crap Apple  helps with acceptance of yourself and your imperfections.

When you fear you might lose control, Cherry Plum helps you to think and act rationally.

When you find yourself repeating the same dieting mistakes, Chestnut Bud helps you gain knowledge.

£9.50 from Holland & Barrett.